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The Online Advertising Agency solutions that Marketing 4U offers you, generate a completely new base of potential customers and upselling in your current clients.

Remember that Digital Advertising gives your company enough sophistication to follow the path to potential customers looking for the product or service you offer.


We promote your brand by creating campaigns on major social networks such as Facebook or Twitter and optimize them to reach the right audience, always taking care of your spending budget per day.


We are certify in Google Adwords to meet your advertising goals, paying only when you receive a click on your ad, we also give you reports with statistics of the campaign.

Conversion Routes
and Remarketing

With the Remarketing you will have the opportunity for your Digital Advertising to reach the people who visited your website at any time, through keywords related to your products or services, making them achieve the objective.

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We design a strategy aligned to your objectives with 80% of image and 20% of text, we also schedule the sending of emails to thousands of contacts.

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